How is your week coming along? Well mine is amazing I suppose. I am detoxing with some ratchet TV. As much as I am an addict of ‘Scandal’ and other ‘educative’ TV shows, a little ratchetness never hurt anyone. I dig ‘Love and HipHop’ and my favorite character on LHHATL is Ariane. Who’s yours? Sometimes I forget that they are actual people and we prey upon watching their messy lives. Talk about being a woman. The men on ‘Love and HipHop’ though? They are on another level of cheating. 


Other than that, I was having a discussion with a friend over the weekend and they were really going at it. It was one of those heated debates about putting your eggs in one basket. I was of the point of view that if you put your eggs in one basket, then watch over it, be obsessed with its safety then they will never break. According to my friend, that is the riskiest thing to do and it is better to stay safe by spreading your eggs in differently baskets.

I feel like both of us are right depending on how you look at it. Ever heard of this:

“Where focus goes, energy flows”

I think the theory is the same. Or this quote by Conor McGregor:

I watched a video where Tyler Perry said the same thing. According to him, he just worked on one idea, a play. It took him six years before he could get his big break. Which made me realise that sometimes working on one thing may not the safest thing to do.Warren buffet agrees:

However, I know people (myself included) at some point who were juggling several businesses at the same time that were all mediocre.The other side, probably the smartest thing to do is to take one thing and invest all your time and energy on it until it is stable on its own.There after, you are free to start another one.

Focusing on one thing may mean being obsessed. That is probably how someone on the outside sees it.I think that when obsessed with making something work, the desire to succeed is often much stronger than the fear of failure.


Here is something I picked from Oprah: Focus on your basket, do not mind someone else’s basket. The grass is greener where you water it so focus on stepping your game up. Put more effort and Keep Going!

Have an amazing week!

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