Hi, how are you doing? I hope your week is coming on smoothly. I cannot complain about mine. I am so sorry I won’t have a video up on YouTube this week. I could not film a sensible vlog so I’ll see you next week.


I once heard Sharon Mundia say this and at the time I did not pay so much attention to it but I was in a situation where I was supposed to go out, I made a promise but bailed on my friend so I could stay home and do… you guessed it! Nothing! Not really nothing but nothing constructive over the weekend. Sharon said she is the kind of person that if she could just stay indoors all day, she could have a field day. I also once heard Joey Muthengi say she is an introvert, I really wasn’t surprised. Same thing about Ellen Degeneres. I realised I am the same kind of person: So comfortable in my own space and I take time to get used to people (this really depends on the scene) which I was told is a bad thing if you run your own business.

Some people are bubbly at first sight and outgoing but others just take time to blend in. Chances are, at this time I am probably going to be that socially awkward person who is comfortable emceeing an event but really uncomfortable with the social hiatus/networking that goes on afterwards (Lord Have Mercy!)


I do not know how it goes but I’m pretty sure getting to a point where I am comfortable to walk to a stranger and start a conversation is going to take time, stepping out is the first step.So saying yes a little more often is worth the trouble.

Yes to the high school or primary school classmate that wants to catch up. A little yes to that coffee offer after work. Another yes to the potential client,you never know, you may close the deal.Yes to game night, or that football match at 3.00PM, even when you know nothing about the team.Yes to that cousin or friend coming over for the weekend. Yes to the family reunion.A big yes to that listening party or the book launch. Hell yeah to girls night out or Wednesday Wings!


I don’t know if this has happened to you but sometimes I dread something, I am always in the “I don’t wanna go” space but the minute I get there, I have the best time of my life! Because it has happened more than once, it is the universe’s way of telling the introverted, antisocial, people-blocking humans to say yes more often.

Good things may not happen all the time when you say yes but you stand a better chance if you give it a go.

Say Yes!

See you on Friday!

Love and Light.

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When I’m not blogging, I am either working at a medical research facility, stalking people on facebook and instagram, sleeping, eating, admiring pictures of Beyonce’ and Jay Z,reading a book or closing a business deal. Hi, my name is Natalie.I am here to inspire, to motivate, to give back and most importantly to live! Join the ride…you may just love it. Ngiyabonga!

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