Hello, how was your weekend? Hope you really had a good one. I want to talk about great women today. I wrote this article yesterday but Sharon Mundia deserves a mention. She is back people, I haven’t committed to reading anything for as long as I have her blog! I am really fangirling right now! Anyways,women who have made an impact, left their mark; that went the extra mile and made a name for themselves.Thanks to the world being a little village because of social media, we get to witness them conquer the world, step by step, very ferociously. Women I have looked up to for a very long time.These women are great entrepreneurs, very influential in their lines of work and have curved a path for themselves, leading the young ones on.

I came across the concept of ‘Moyocoyotzin’ a few days ago when watching ‘Queen of the South’ and it made perfect sense. As women, we go through a lot emotionally and  physically.We pass through circumstances that make us strong and in the process, learn better. My focus today is on the ‘New Kids on the Block’ who are shining right now but have been at it for years. I hope this article inspires you to get started or just pursue greatness with all your might:

Toke Makinwa

Africa’s own. I am ashamed that I only got to learn about this now but Nigeria’s sweetheart has been at it for long. With ‘Toke Moments’ on YouTube and her book ‘On Becoming’ , this media powerhouse has done nothing but kept soaring! She is putting Africa on the map in her own little way and I believe it is just a matter of time.With a strong following behind her, Toke has been places and is still going places.

Tiffany Haddish

Where do I start? Wow! Obviously she blew up this year from the movie of the year ‘Girls Trip’ but Tiffany has been at it for a while. The oldest video I could find of her was back in 2007 doing stand up comedy. I must say that it brought a little teardrop on my cheek because I could see past the comedy: Just a woman going for it in a male dominated world and she did it with so much grace.Her story is amazing.That she was homeless for some time did not prevent her from working her ass off. She even makes fun of herself, ‘I used park my car/ live in Beverly Hills.’ She has been through it as well and I am so happy that she got that role that took her to new levels.

Issa Rae

Just an awkward black girl shattering glass ceilings! The mastermind behind HBO’s ‘Insecure’ has been going at it for years.She is proof that one can use the internet for good and come out clean.Her first YouTube video was back in 2007. Look at her kicking it with Pharell! Lupita said it, your dreams are valid!

Cardi B

This list is in no particular order but Cardi takes the cup.Can I mention that it was hard to get an appropriate Cardi B picture? Very hard.Her internet rants are on their on level (just put the kids to sleep before you watch her) but Cardi has done good.The fact that she was on Love and Hip Hip and nobody really took her music seriously is just proof of what persistence can do. Now she’s Platinum! Do not give up on your dream.Be authentic!

Thuso Mbedo

If you do not know this International Emmy nominee then you should. Another proof that focus and ambition never hurt anyone. The ‘Isithunzi’ actress has done well for her country and is not coy about her struggles as a budding actress.Most people like to glorify those who have made it and have years of work to their name.Well, I can promise you that if she keeps going like is, Thuso will be a star!


Just another proof that consistency is key. She is not new to the game but this songstress has been ruling the airwaves with hit after hit. She is clearly cut from a different cloth and just like Thuso, I believe she is another legend in the making.


Honorary Mention: Bonang Matheba 

That was an excuse to sneek this beautiful picture of Bonang on my blog but the girl has done well and I am totally a fan right now.I believe that as women, we have the power to create and to endure as we curve our paths.That we do not need things handed to us because we are willing to go and get them ourselves. I believe that inside everyone of us is a powerful, superwoman with unlimited potential and a lot to offer the world.

Starting this Wednesday, I am introducing a new column called Hustle Wednesdays where I will be tracing the journeys of various people just to see how far they have come.

On Friday, the fitness posts will be back! Fitness Fridays on Malkia Teezie is where you need to be if you are looking to gain or lose some weight.

Otherwise, I hope you find your potential and unleash it.

See you on Wednesday!



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