Getting Back To Fitness After A Long Break? Read This…

Hello, how was your week? I had a great one.Strong.If you can remember, I mentioned in October that I fell off the fitness bandwagon for a while due to a mental breakdown. I don’t know if you are like me but when I’m going through something I switch off completely, well, that was before I had bills to pay. If you follow me on instagram then you have probably noticed that I do not post workout videos, that is because I am still looking for a gym I can work with.If you watch my YouTube videos then you know that my gym search did not go well at first but I am on my way towards a closure, hopefully. I am lucky enough to have a skipping rope, the resistance band I got from fit n’ fabworld and a roller that I use twice a week.To be honest, not being in a gym is taking a toll on me.I just miss having a variety of weights to lift and machines to work with.

So, as someone who’s half working out, half looking for better places to workout, I have some pointers on how you can get back to fitness after a long time.I used to work out six days a week so my approach may be different but you can try it altogether:

Start Small

You are probably lethargic. Or lazy, either way start small when it comes to the gym, running, swimming, or whichever fitness regime you have.If you used to run 2kms daily, start with 500m or even 1km if you are strong enough.If at your peak you used 10 or 15kg dumbbells or kettle bells , you may want to start working with 5 or 4kgs then pile up as you progress. If you did 10 laps across the pool before, you may want to do four just to get you warmed up. Starting with the least possible units while help jumpstart your system as it gets used to handling more intense routines as time goes by. It is also wise to give yourself a strict timetable. As I told you I now workout for two days as opposed to the six days I did at my peak. With time, especially when I get a gym to work with, I will increase the number of days.I also remember that when I started, I only dedicated 10 minutes of the day to sit- ups and jumping jacks then increased the minutes and routines as time went by.

Stretch A Lot

At this point , your muscles are not used to physical activity.It will be of great deal to slowly reintroduce them to the intense workout routines by stretching before and after workout. This is also needed to prevent injury. I suggest you stretch a little longer than you normally would (stretching is ideal before and after every workout routine).

Include Cardio

If your comfort zone is in Yoga or strength training, you may want to include some cardio during your reset routine. So run, jog, cycle, swim, whatever appeals to you as long as you get to be pumped up because your body is still not used to the intense workout. 5-10 minutes of HIIT(High-Intensity-Interval-Training) that includes routines such as jumping jacks, rope skipping, mountain climbers may be ideal but you can choose routines depending on your preference. Cardio is not necessarily the most favorite exercise but it will be a quick way to reduce some water weight.

Remember Your Why

You know the reasons why you fell off the wagon in the first place. I feel like fitness is more of a mental game than it is physical. Remembering your why is the first step towards resettlement in the first place. This applies to other courses that we pursue as well. So when you don’t feel like adhering to that commitment, whatever your reason was, whether is was to be Anthony Joshua’s dream girl or just to give Tracy Ellis Ross a little competition, just do it! Do not forget to give your body a little time.Be patient with your fitness goals.

See you on Monday!


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