I may have mentioned that I feel a whole load of productive today so, two articles in a row.I attended my second event yesterday and I am so glad I did because I left the room with a lot of lessons.Before the event, I did my research (online of course on what to expect) and I was so impressed by the concept. Located on Belgravia Building -14th Riverside Drive, Mettā Nairobi is a  club where entrepreneurs from different areas including, fashion, sports, healthcare etcetera meet to discuss issues that surround their industry.Being in the fitness industry, this sports forum was a perfect event for me to interact with other people in the industry and I must say I felt a little small in the room.What kept me there was that little quote: If you are the smartest one in the room, you are in the wrong room.

Another thing I have to say is that I am the kind of person who talks too much and is always fast to to speak but a little trick I learnt from Warren Buffet is to be the last person to speak or at least take time to listen. I listened to people in the room speak and I was awed!Our country has beautiful minds.I am going to be a listener more.


To begin with, the panel was top notch,including the PS of Sports Development Peter Kaberia and the CEO of Sports Connect Africa Cynthia Mumbo who has been in the industry for 10 years and counting.The talk was moderated by sports producer Michelle Katami. In attendance were sports presenters, marketing agency representatives, prominent sports personalities and corporate representatives. Several topics came up and I got to learn a lot about the diverse business and administrative aspects of sports and all it entails:

The Panel

The Current State of Sports in the Country

A lot of issues were raised based on what sports players go through at grass root level in various  training camps including Kasarani.Several grievances were directed towards the government on management and funding. I do not want to go into detail since a lot of backlash was leashed on how the government and mainstream media handle sports. The most recent catastrophe that set twitter abuzz, denial of rights to host Chan, also came up in the discussion.

Audience Interaction

The Business of Sports

A lot was discussed involving government tenders which led to a very heated debate that I must say was interesting. Women in the sports business are very aggressive and ready to defend their every move.It was also noted that even though people in the sports business may not be players, they had the right to handle the business side as the players do their job.

PS- Sports Development

Sports -Personality Branding and Social Media

A huge concern was the level of marketing and PR that our athletes and other sports personalities receive. Although sports personalities like David Rudisha have done well in growing their brand, most of our Kenyan sports personalities are not attracting a great deal of corporate goodwill due to poor branding. Comparing our personalities to international sports acts, it is safe to say that a lot needs to be done in order to get these talents the level of publicity they deserve. A great suggestion that came about was on leveraging social media ,which is a personal initiative for the sports personalities as opposed to corporate or government involvement.

Sports Tourism

The last issue was on sports tourism and how we can showcase sports in a fun, creative and exciting way that will attract the lovers of sports. This trip,organized by TurnUp Travel, is a good start. The three-day trip will involve exploring Iten, the high altitude training camp for the world’s greatest  athletes. The lovers of sports adventure will get to have a wholesome experience, train with top athletes and visit amazing sites on the road trip from Nairobi to Iten.I will be part of the team and it is an amazing chance to meet and interact with people who are passionate about sports, fitness and good health.I really hope to finally meet some of my blog readers and get to know you in person.Do not miss!


You can find more on about the trip on

Instagram:@turnup_travel or look up the hashtag #itenIGTour

If you would like to keep up with Mettā Nairobi, you check out their Instagram: @wearemettanbo

I will be dropping the YouTube video for the event in a couple of hours. Kindly check out my channel and subscribe.

See you here on Friday for some fitness finesse.



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