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I know it’s Fitness Friday but I just realised the month is ending and I haven’t taken stock. I have to since next Friday will be two days into the final month of the year! So, here is where we are so far:

Making: Silent moves. I am trying to be as discrete as I can just so I do not jinx my destiny. It is much easier that way.I realised that blogging is not good for people with loud mouths because some projects require you to be sworn to secrecy.

Cooking/Eating : A lot of mbuzi choma lately. My uncle introduced the delicacy and I am hooked.

Drinking : A lot of water and fresh milk .

Reading: A lot of entrepreneur blogs.

Wanting: Opportunities to come my way.I have realised something though: At any given time, what we have at the moment is always what we can handle. To get a little religious 1st Corinthians 10:13 is my favorite verse and it is proof that we only get problems we can handle and opportunities we can handle so I am not rushing my destiny.

Playing : Songs from P!nk’s new album Beautiful Trauma. Did you see her AMAs performance? That woman is talented, daring and on her own level.I am a big fan and I’d like to prove it.I am going to list ten of her songs without checking the internet though I must admit I do not know all her album names except Funhouse, Beautiful Trauma and The Truth about Love. So here’s proof that am a P!nk fan:


Give me a reason

Just like fire

Raise your glass

I don’t believe you

True love

So what

Perfect (Pretty Please)

What about us

You and your hand

I got money now


Who knew

Sorry…they just kept coming!

5 fact about P!nk ( Offhead):

She is married to Carey Hart

She proposed to her husband

She has two kids Willow and a son whose name I’m not checking to prove that I’m doing this off head.

She was on a Pepsi commercial with Beyonce and Britney Spears

She was awarded the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award in 2017 (I hope I’m right)

So yes! I am a fan.Let’s not get started on Bonang!

Creating: My own path and leaving a trail.

Wishing : I could get more entrepreneur or just genuine friends. Making friends isn’t easy as you grow older. I do not want to be the rich 30-year-old with no friends. To be fair I am a little cautious about who I let into my space. At my age, clubbing is the main bonding activity which makes me distance myself because I’m not about that life. At least at this moment in time.

Enjoying: Instagram lately. I have realised that insta stories are a great way to communicate without fear of a whole load of people judging you.

Liking: That I can have a crush and control it. Big Girls Club! Seriously, there was a time when keeping it together when crushing on someone was not an option. Sometimes we’d just go all in then deal with the mess later.I am grateful that I am growing up and can keep my feelings in check.

Wondering : What  is the difference between a home wrecker and an apartment shaker? I saw it on instagram some time back.The internet will teach me things! I cannot cope.

Loving: My newest food craze.Are you ready for it? Mbuzi Choma and Ugali.I insist on ugali because having choma with fries should be on 1000 Ways to Die. How do ladies even do that? This reminds me of campus days.I had a friend who liked soup or thufu and he got me addicted to mutura for a while.See where this topic is headed? Haha!

Hoping: Something amazing happens by the end of the year. A gym perhaps?

Needing : More clothes. I will make a trip to Ngara soon. I have also discovered that my younger sister is a very stylish person so I’ll need her help.Now I pay attention to wardrobe because things are getting serious out here.

Watching : Episodes of Friends on YouTube. I can’t believe I missed out on such an amazing sitcom.Thank God there’s YouTube!

Following: Kairo Forbes on Instagram. I have a thing for kids who are between two to three years old.They are the most adorable, especially when they are someone else’s. Watching Kairo’s innocence just gives me life.

Noticing: That the world owes me nothing and I may have to work harder to get the attention of brands that I want to work with. This may also take longer than I expected.

Thinking : Of how to grow my blog without any shady deals or veering off my original vision.It can get tricky out here guys.

Feeling: Grown.I am feeling grown because I have been making a lot of grown woman decisions lately.

Bookmarking: Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel.I do not know what I’d do without his videos.


That’s it for today, see you on Monday!



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