Motivation Monday: Staying in Your Lane

Happy New Week!

It is the last week of November and I couldn’t be more grateful. Only one month to go till the end of 2017.What a ride! If you look back at this year, did you achieve all your goals? Did you at least get 70% of your aspirations accomplished? Did you set any goals to begin with?

Personally, I had a list of goals, some a little far fetched. I am checking my diary as I type this and out of thirty things, I got nine done. I think the ‘Big Move’ to Nairobi takes the cup and compensates for the 21 goals that I did not achieve because they largely depended on stability which is something I do not have at the moment. I still can’t believe I did that.Wow! Talk of growing pains!


Because I did not achieve some things, I see some of the people I look up to doing all this great things and sometimes feel sorry for myself though I must say that happens for only a millisecond. I hate that I compare my chapter two to someone else’s chapter ten which is inappropriate considering age difference and God’s timing.Through that I have learned one crucial lesson: Staying in my lane.A very important aspect of life that if you do not adhere to, will kill your dreams way before you reach your destination. It is good to cheer and appreciate the good things happening to people around you, but you should not let it be a scale that sets a pedestal on where you should be in life.Do not be too settled either.Getting too comfortable is not an option.

In one of Oprah’s interviews, she says,

“Every other day, talk shows were coming up.All we had to do was step our game up.We could not control the other team so we focused on making ourselves better.That took us through twenty five years.”

Basic logic. We cannot control what the other person does with their life, whether it is a project, a show , a job etcetera. The best we can do is improve ourselves, make ourselves better, learn from our mistakes and move on. When it comes to entrepreneurship, I particularly like the Brian Chesik Airbnb story.While most start ups get funding and kick off almost as soon as they are launched, one year into their project, Airbnb was yet to make any money.As a matter of fact, they were in large credit card debt.They had to launch thrice! Imagine that! Had they not believed in their journey and their idea, they probably would have given up.Staying in your lane also requires you to be a big believer in your journey and to trust the process. However hopeless your situation may be, understand that some things take time and maybe the time for that promotion or salary raise is just not now. Maybe that job you need so bad will have to wait a little longer.


That being said, staying in your lane can also make you too comfortable. When you want to get out of a situation or whatever position, it is relevant to stay in your lane as long as you are putting in work.You cannot be in the same place for three years and still insist that you are trusting your timing. Make sure you take the necessary steps to get where you want to.


I really wish you the best in your endeavors as you begin a new week and a new month.

See you on Wednesday.


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