Hustle Wednesday: Meet Nigeria’s Media Heartthrob, Toke Makinwa


It’s Wednesday again! On Wednesdays, we profile the hustlers and upload a YouTube video. This weeks video is a tribute to all the hardworking women in showbiz that have put Africa on the map.Though short, it came from my heart, something I want all my content to be about so head over to YouTube and show it some love.Your support is much appreciated.


Toke Makinwa! Where do I start? She is Bonang’s friend to begin with.That is how I got to know her.There is something about women in the same career path supporting each other that really touches me.For instance Selena and Taylor Swift or Oprah and King.I would one day like to have a blogger friend. Not a once in a while blogger but a fulltime blogger friend. The things we could do to shake the world! Anyway, back to Toke.


She is a Nigerian radio and television personality, well know for her YouTube series Toke Moments.In her channel which is popular amongst the Nigerian audience she motivates, teaches and weighs in on various social issues.

Ferocious in her personal style, Toke graces her 1.5 million instagram followers with the latest trends in the fashion industry.She is considered a fashion icon, with several fan pages to her name.

In November 2016, she released a bestselling autobiography’ On Becoming’ where she let’s loose on her personal life and career.

Due to her massive popularity, Toke has endorsed several brands including Ciroç, Mecran cosmetics and Maggi.

She recently launched a luxury handbag line called Baby Girl For Life as part of her growing empire.


She is without a doubt a force to reckon with in the media industry and is a smart entrepreneur. She qualifies as a millennial entrepreneur, adding to the large number of entrepreneurs that are leveraging their social media following to break bank.

See you on Friday!


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