Fitness Tips for the Holidays

Happy New Month!

It’s December already!! How fast time flies? December is that time, you know;celebration, family, food etcetera. It is really a bad time of you are over twenty five and single, unemployed or unmarried; the lies you have to tell. Can I suggest a tip? Divide and rule my friend.Don’t be with more than two relatives at one time.Unless it is completely neccessary.Good luck! Let’s talk about the food though.


December is a lazy month, undeniably.Office parties, graduation parties, christmas parties, you name it! It is really that month when it it hard to resist that sweet tooth.Let’s not forget about the stomach upsets and bloating. It really is the season. So, what if you want to maintain a somewhat healthy body during this time?I have a few suggestions that may help:

Workout in bed

You can do your sit ups or random stretches in bed right before you wake up in the morning. The holiday mood has people lethargic all day.A perfect way to keep a workout regime would be infuse bed-friendly routines such as sit ups and leg raises. Hip raises may also come in handy just to get that booty in check.After rereading this tip’s title I think it sounds so wrong but you definitely know what I mean.Haha!

Be handy around the house

I don’t know about you but heavy lifting around the house proves to be of help sometimes. I used to experiment a lot before I started going to the gym.Those dispenser bottles (I have no idea how they are called) are perfect for squats. I would really recommend them. That bag of rice may just have more use than you may have thought, believe me. Dance like your life depends on it, when doing chores.Trust me it works.Plus you won’t feeling like cleaning is tiresome when you dance in between. Those long walks in the village should be welcome with open arms, so should trips to the river or well or just any place that lifting heavy cans of water is applicable.

Take smaller portions multiple times as opposed to large portions

This is obviously a sound nutritional tip.It normaly applies to healthy eating but I feel like it will come in handy.The theory is that small portions allow you to be full.You do not become hungry often thus eating is controlled. It will make you avoid the temptation of having a lumpsome at ago to avoid bloating.You may want to also watch how you mix various foods.If you are the guy who serves everything at a buffet, toning it down may seem like a good idea.


Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the festive season!

See you on Monday for some motivation.

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