Motivation Monday:Taking a Hit

Happy New Week!

It’s December guys!!! I was watching Luvvie Ajayi last week and as a blogger, I am more than inspired. I know December is time to let loose and let go because you have been working all year but that is not how I feel.If you can recall I had a four-month hiatus from May so I am haunted by the need to compensate. That being said, I am not exicited for the holiday either just because I’m at that stage of entrepreneurship where I get hit a thousand times.

Speaking of hits, when was the last time you took a blow? A good one.Either psychologically, financially or spiritually?I had mine last week. Something I had high hopes on did not turn out right so I was left shocked. I was so disappointed but I am really getting used to that lately. The things that work out actually surprise me more than the little lost battles.The school of life is really going at it.Handing lemons like it doesn’t care!


This is where Barbara Corcoran comes in.I am an avid viewer of ‘Shark Tank’.Our relationship dates back to almost four years ago.There is one time the sharks were arguing over equity and Barbara Corcoran really stood her ground.From that moment, she became my favorite shark.I did all my research on her like I do any new personality I come across. There is a video I watched on YouTube back in the day and she said this:

Ever since I heard this, I have taken it with me.When it comes to business, I give myself a one day grace period of counting my loses.Afterwards, the goal is to look for a solution. It has worked every single time!Some people just take a hit and milk it for days on end, blame the government, blame their spouse and think of the solution later, probably after a deadline. I promised myself that I would not be that type of person ever.No loss, is worth crying over for lengthy periods of time.I do not think you should mourn for so long either.Give yourself two or three days to take it in then find a solution. About solutions, unless you are dead, there is always one.Believe me.


The thing about milking failure for days on end is that the sun doesn’t care!I took this from Lilly Singh’s videos.Even when we are so low,the sun will always rise and out here in the universe, somebody is doing something remarkable. Something as simple as getting up in the morning even when they are defeated. The one thing I have learned about winners is that they show up no matter how they feel.The very next day after my big blow, I set up a meeting and was determined to make the best out of it despite how bad I felt.I allowed myself to be in the moment and really enjoyed being there.Sometimes you have to let everything that is not going according to plan go, just for the sake of the one moment. It really does work.As we approach the end of the year and you start reflecting, please consider giving yourself a window when things go wrong and learn how to bounce back amidst chaos.

See you around!


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