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So, I have been meaning to do this for a while but I was still trying to figure out the entire concept. I think that one of the hardest parts of fitness is picking the right gear and accessories. I used to struggle with it all the time!

However, I met my friends over at Fit n’ Fab World and they agreed assist me with this.You can read about them here. I am really passionate about all that goes into picking the right fitness wear and accessories so I’ll do this three part post where I show you the outfits I picked and how much you can have them for if you are interested.


For this first look I went for pink accessories. I chose the pink headband, pink pair of gloves and  the pink armband. I wanted to mix them with a subtle colour that doesn’t scream a lot so the black Nike bottom and grey tank top were a perfect choice.Can I just say how comfortable this is? I also love it because it camouflages my love handles unless I am trying to squat so it is a perfect fit. Another thing, the armbands are different sizes, I was lucky to get the one that fit my phone at first try.

I really loved this look and would totally recommend it.In case you would like to try either of the pieces I picked:

Headband- KES 350

Phone armband- KES 1200

Pair of gloves- KES 1200

Grey tank top- KES 600

Nike bottom- KES 700


The entire collection is from Fit n’ Fab World save for the pink shoes. All their details are on this post I did a while back. Happy shopping and you can tell them I sent you!

See you on my next post!

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