Sports & Style: The Little Black Jacket


Hope you are getting a few ideas on what to choose when it comes to fitness gear.For this second look, I lover the purple tank top because it was so loose.Loose is good.You do not want to be all tightened when it comes to the gym or any outdoor activity.Still from Fit & Fab world, this combination has ‘too much pink’ which is great for a pink lover. It is chic and the bottom is comfortable.Too comfortable.In fact, it fit so perfectly,you have no idea!

Then there was the jacket…oh the jacket! You know what, maybe I’m a little extra when choosing but I just love the detail and the fact that it has that little opening where your thumb sticks out.

It was not the right size for me because I could barely breathe it but it was so pretty! Just wearing is made me feel good, I guess it happens sometimes, right? I will definitely look for something similar at Fit & Fab World store.I wish it had a duplicate in my size!Anyways, I had a lot of fun picking this combination.The pink bottom was in the men’s section but I think I nailed it!

If you want a similar look (with a fitting jacket, lol!) then here is the price of everything I wore:

Tank Top: KES 600

Bottoms:KES 700

Gloves:KES 1200

Headband: KES 350

Armband: KES 1200

See you tomorrow for my final look from Fit & Fab World.


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