Sports & Style: Reebok Olive

Happy Saturday!

It’s a bit cloudy but I am determined to make this a good day, hope you are too. If you are new to my blog, well positivity and productivity live here! I recently started this series where I get to show you what to wear to the gym.

Details on mixing colours, choosing the right fit , fabrics and how to pair  different outfits.It is a bit young but it would mean so much to me if you found this useful.Do you?

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For this final look I went bold!

I think olive on the reebok bottom is such a bold colour because everything is bare..seriously, I had camel toe issues but I did not mind.If you are going to pick this look, I suggest a long jacket to go with it.I paired it with the hoodie because it was sitted there, being cute and all and I said, why not?I really enjoyed putting this outfit together.The green Nike bra fit perfectly and I really recommend it.

I came across Fit & Fab World early this year and man do they have a collection! You are spoilt for choice.This is the last bit of Sports and Style for this week.I really hope I can keep this going because I had so much fun and Eric, my photographer did such a good job.

If you like this look, here are the prices:

Tank Top: KES 600

Bottoms:KES 700

Gloves:KES 1200

Headband: KES 350

Armband: KES 1200

Jacket: KES 700

Lots of Love.

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