Motivation Monday: Gratitude


Happy New Week!

Are you pumped up as much as I am? I really hope so. The year is coming to an end and one word I can use to to describe what I feel right now is gratitude.Obviously it hasn’t been a smooth sail.Everybody has had their ups and downs but I’d like to take a moment and think of all the things there are to be grateful for.


So many times, we pray for things and ask God for things but do we ever take a moment to say ‘thank you’ even for the bad times because there were so many lessons to be learned. Just the fact that you are even alive and can be able to read this, is something to be grateful for.

So, what are you grateful for this year?

I am grateful for good health.Save for a cold here and there, this year, I barely got sick.

I am grateful for the creators of YouTube and the internet in general. Because of them, I got the chance to see world through a different point of view. I got the courage to get up and use the web to grow my little brand so thank you!

I am grateful for Education. My mom has invested so much in taking my siblings and I to school.Even though at the beginning of this year, I had conflicting views, I appreciate that if it were not for school, maybe I would not be able to express myself in a way that people can understand.

I am grateful for every motivational speaker, creator of motivational content, renowned personalities like Gary Vee, Oprah, Kevin Hart, Lilly Singh et al.Because of their content being out here, the speeches alike, I learned that it is possible.

I am grateful for Evan Carmichael. His channel changed my life. It is my go to even now.I always find something worth watching in his channel. I am truly thankful.

I am grateful for all the No’s I got this year.They all took me one step closer to a ‘Yes’.They also allowed me to work harder and stop feeling entitled.

I am grateful for the universe and the fact that there are a variety of people in it.I barely believe in genuinely ‘nice’ people but there really are.One day I will tell you the story but for now let’s leave it at that.

I am grateful for every single opportunity I got this year, everyone who gave my little brand a chance, through exposure or monetary gain, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am grateful for Magazine Reel,for making me improve my writing skills and grow so much as a writer.

I am grateful for everybody who has contributed, in one way or another towards the growth of my blog.

Last but not least, thank you for always reading my blog.

I couldn’t be more thankful.

See you on Wednesday.

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