Fitness Friday: Meditation

Hi there,

I almost thought I would not make it but here I am! I have lost count on the consistency and I am just happy that at least I get to share something new with you every week.

Let’s talk about mental health. It took me so long to discover that getting you dream body, dream job or dream woman is not enough if you are not at peace with yourself. That is why you are encouraged to take care of yourself: mind, body and spirit.

For somebody who did not pay a lot of attention to yoga, I realised that it was more than just the flexibility. I considered myself ‘too bubbly’ to take that moment and reflect. I have realised that going into adulthood, I am appreciating yoga more because of the peace of mind that comes with meditation, even if it is a good five or ten minutes.

Just that moment of letting everything go, being in the moment, devoid of worry, fear and the likes brings nothing but gratitude to the table.I am trying to get that five-minute moment every morning when it is just me, my thoughts and nothing else.That is the time I thank God for how far I have come.I get some ideas during this time because it is uninterrupted.

I do not believe in chanting but I do think of this yoga position as a tool of rearranging thoughts, especially since the day can be very chaotic.I urge you to try it as well.Just take a moment of your day or night by yourself, no one in the room and stop, breathe in and out.Slowly, your thoughts will start to align themselves and you will appreciate the gift of life even more.

Those little moments of solitude are where the best ideas are born and some of the biggest life decisions are made.

Try it!

Have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday!

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