Motivation Monday: Positive Vibes Only

Happy New Week!

I am so determined to be productive this week you have no idea! Because of that, I am only following positive people on social media. I once heard Taraji P. say this, “If you hangout with someone that has a dark cloud, the rain will definitely catch you.”

Have you ever been around someone who keeps whining 24/7? Just complaining and going on and on about their problems and how the world is unfair and how the government is corrupt.Their conversations mostly have problems in them, dark clouds.It is always about their annoying boss or colleague. They are ever complaining.

Believe you me, just like the positive vibes, negativity is contagious as well. Instead of being part of the solution, you will begin to equally whine. Whiners are weaners. They have nothing good up their sleeve. Just a bunch of complaints.If you take a moment.Just one moment to think about the positive side of things, you will be suprised at just how much progress you will make.Instead of seeing the problem, why not suggest mitigation ideas?

I love Frank Underwood but he says ‘Optimism is like a carrot, dangle in front of the desperate.’

I disagree because some of the happpiest people are the optimists. Even when the odds are not in their favor, those with hope always have the strength to endure. It is hard to endure when you are focused on the negatives so how do you stay positive against all odds?

Because I am a millenial, I have millenial-bias tendency so my first suggestion is to always check the most optimistic person you know on social media. For me that would be Lilly Singh’s vlog channel.She is just super positive. My morning routine also involves watching insta stories and Dj Zinhle takes the cup. I also love the new entrepreneurship-oriented, motivation-speaking Huddah who I understand some Kenyans are beginning to dislike. See?

If you are into books then I suggest to read a chapter or listen to an audio book just to get you ready for the day.


Maintaining a positive mindset can be so hard when things are not going your way but you know what’s harder? Nothing happening because you spent the day whining instead of looking for remedy.

See you on Wednesday!

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