Hustle Wednesday: Meet the Former Queen of Radio, Miss Caroline Mutoko


Please do not lynch me. The week was busy.I meant to write this article but I wanted it to come from the heart because I adore Miss Caroline Mutoko. The ‘boychild’ may not agree with me but it is okay. Not that I care. I want to give you a first hand account of why I love Miss Caroline and her hustle. To me, she is the Khanyi Dhlomo or Basetsana Kumalo of Kenya.


I started listening to her show ‘The Big Breakfast’ regularly in 2012 right after finishing my KCSE exams. I was teaching chemistry at an all-girl secondary school at the time and every morning, on my way to work I would make sure I tuned in. Jalang’o obviously added humour to the show but she was always the voice of reason. She was so good at her job that at one point, she was promoting milk and I made it a point to always take milk while listening to her show! One time she was talking about suicide, the conversations were so deep that the voices had to be filtered. She moderated the ‘talk’ with so much grace. A normal person would have broken down. That was the day I was sold! I tuned in every single day since then.

What drew me to her show was not only the eloquence and no-nonsense attitude but the reason behind every single topic. One of my favorites was a Tuesday segment  where people would give accounts of their journeys and where they started out. I remember walking to work one morning and thinking ‘ I want to be like her one day, you know, start from somewhere’. One thing was clear, I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I tuned in religiously, listening and getting inspired daily.

Through her show I got to learn about the ‘One Young World Summit’ and said to myself, ‘One day we will get there.’ Clearly, we haven’t but there’s time and hope. Her conversations on young people, dreams and putting in work are out of this world. I am an avid YouTube viewer of her channel and every time after watching, I leave fulfilled and eager to work more.

That is how you measure influence.


I am sure I am not alone. She has touched many lives. Influence means driving one to action and she has! Can we also say that it was smart of her to use new media to propel her career? She is definitely one of the smart ones and believe me when I say she will be here a long time because people like her who evolve according to time are always ahead of their time.That is why I love Miss Caroline. She is good at what she does, she does it so well and has mad hustle!


Next Week , from Tuesday, I will be sharing 17 lessons I have learned in 2017. Stay tuned!


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