17 Lessons I Learned in 2017: On Money

2017 has been a crazy financial year. Very unstable, not knowing where the next paycheque will come from but somehow making it work.In the beginning of the year, I began to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by  Robert Kiyosaki, a book that had such a big impact on how I view money.

I made a vow to seek financial freedom as much as I could, however hard it will be. People look at money differently, for me it is about the freedom that comes with it. Some say it is the root of all evil.To be honest, poverty is the root of all evil. This piece will serve you no good with such thinking.

So, what did I learn about money this year?

13. The only difference is in the mindset

I want to speak for bums first.Bums say ‘money is evil‘ and don’t often have it. They make it their duty to remind the rich that they are greedy.You can see them on the internet, arranging peoples lives with data bundles instead of finding a way to get out of their poverty stricken lives. They are so keen on typing ‘Amen‘ on those ‘You will have a car by 2018’ posts but are doing nothing to make it happen.I speak for the bums because prior to my 22nd birthday, I was one. The bums are cool with being seen in posh places even though they were just passing by. The bums always find fault in rich people and blame them for ‘taking away’ what belongs to them.

They blame the government for everything and think that they are entitled to jobs and chances.The bums wake up early, drag themselves to jobs they do not even love and spend the whole day gossiping, trash-talking Zari’s legs and Diamond’s lips. The bum is so concerned about Akothee’s baby daddies than she is herself.They are busy on Cyprian Nyakundi’s wall, talking about how slay queens are ripping them off and are resisting the movement. The bums are busy placing bets, counting on luck to make rent.

While they are at it? What is the other team doing?

The other team is having sleepless nights, trying to make their dreams come true. They are camping on their friends’ couch dishing proposal after proposal, sending emails left, right and centre. They are skipping the night outs trying to beat deadlines. They are attending conferences and seminars, building their professional networks. They are nursing sore feet from walking in different offices, trying to get their ideas heard. They are educating themselves, nurturing their craft, spending hours in studio, the office, always on their laptops.

Fast forward to a few years later, the latter are vacationing, having the time of their lives while the former talk behind their backs:

Drug money

They got lucky

They slept their way to the top

He has money but I hear he is terrible in bed 

We cannot all be capitalists, entrepreneurship is hard and so is the other side. Choose your hard. It all comes down to choice. Some professionals are nailing it, you know why? Mindset.Mindset is the reason why the new Huddah is no longer appreciated. She posts motivation because that is what happens when you stop being a bum. It is all in the mind.

14. It is not in what you make but what you keep

I am all for saving but that is not what this is about. This is about investing. Having a stack of money in the bank is good but if it is not making you more money then what is it for? Do not just save to save. Save to invest. Keep it as you keep it coming. I am not sure if you get my concept. It does not have to be extreme like Elon Musk:

Just make sure that you keep so you can make some more.Recently, Cassper Nyovest said he was broke since he spent all his money on Fill Up FNB Stadium. With 68,000 tickets sold, you can tell that what he got back on tickets alone was crazy!

This however is game play for very daring people. It is a risk, only if you do not know what you are doing.

15. Know the difference between useless and useful debt.

For someone who is scared of loans, reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and watching Centonomy videos on YouTube really got me on this one. Being middle class, we have a habit of signing our lives away, taking loans that we pay for a lifetime. I saw a facebook post where someone was complaining about a loan that he has to pay for the next ten years. So what happens when he loses his job after five? I may be bleak in my vision but I am glad that in 2017 I learned the difference when I came across this concept.


I learned a lot about money this year. This piece is for the doers. If you read this and felt something, know that it is all in the action. Please put this into good use.

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