Motivation Monday: It’s 2018!

We made it to 2018!!!

Hello there, my new years resolution is to give my blog readers a name. Can I call you MTB (Malkia Teezie Blog)  Nation or Family?

You decide.

Hi MTB Family?

Blogging is a game of numbers and I was so distraught after my hiatus in 2017 that I wasn’t motivated to check my stats. Out of curiosity, yesterday, after not posting for a week, I decided to check my stats. Thank you so much, I mean, I haven’t posted yet 500 of you thought my articles are worth the time?I am so grateful.

I do not believe in resolutions, I don’t agree with the concept of starting over because it feeds expectation more than it does the actual goal. This year however, I am choosing to evolve. I have decided to go forward, knowing what I know while making things better. So what do I want in 2018?

To hit the gym in a sustainable way.

If you have been following my insta stories then you know that the gym search has been real. I am more than excited to final land one. Last year, I was doing too much that I got exhausted midway but this year, I want a different way of doing it. It’s about the lessons anyway. Thrice a week is workable. I am pretty sure I will manage better and last longer.As you read this, I am on my way to the gym. So excited! I am so grateful to my new gym ‘Xtreme Fitness Muscle’ for the amazing chance to do this. If you are looking forward to the progress then I suggest you hit the follow button on instagram and like my Facebook page: both Malkia Teezie.

I am giving every project all I have no matter how I feel

There is something I observed last year, sometimes I pray for something to happen, say a project, but it takes so long.  By the time it happens, I am not invested into it and I do it half- dedicated. My new years pact (which I already began last year anyway) is to give every project the value it deserves. I am so glad I got to discover Bonang Matheba because she is one of the most dedicated people in the planet, so is Lilly Singh. My goal is not to just have an insane work ethic but to also give every single opportunity that comes my way all I have. This is something I am hoping to master by the end of the year. Giving all of me to projects that I am passionate about.

To earn every single accomplishment

This is not new to you but If you have been reading my blog then you know that Linda Ikeji is one of  my favorite people in the planet.She preaches one thing: Hard Work. Because of her, I believed I am creative, gifted and talented enough to earn every single opportunity without giving up my womanhood. That is very light way of putting. The appropriate term would be sex for opportunities. I know it is okay to use that feminine charm once in a while but going all the way in to be involved in any way with a client or potential source of income is a no go zone. This is what I stand for and believe in. In fact, it is not a resolution, just a reminder. I believe that women can get opportunities, not because they have a pretty face or the biggest booty but because they are creative, talented and unstoppable. Honest income takes longer but I heard it is the best if you truly seek freedom.

To blog more

I halted my YouTube channel to focus on the blog.This means that you will see a lot of changes here. I hope you will welcome them with open arms.

To Live More!

I am a workaholic. I love what I do and most of the time I work from home, I do not need to get out of the house which means I only meet work people. I will try to be more outgoing which is something I even doubt because I take so long to connect with people. Anyway, I am going to live a little more , maybe attend none-work related events.Who knows?


That’s it for my resolutions, what are yours? Do you believe in resolutions? These are just extensions of things I have been doing but I felt the need to write them down.

Tell me some of your resolutions in the comments section.

I will see you tomorrow.


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