Fitness Friday: Finally, the Gym!

Hi there,

How has your week been? I had the greatest challenge this week. Learning how to balance everything I do. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am posting daily and get to rest on Sundays amongst many other things. I have made it a habit to check Bonang’s Instagram to remind me that what I want is not going to come easy,so on days like today when I feel overwhelmed, it is only right that I remind myself where I hope to be in the next five years.

Immediately after posting this I am headed to the gym, Yes!


I am back at the gym. I am taking it slow, it is the most amazing place and I am sore as hell but I love it! I am training thrice a week. You might want to follow my instagram @malkia_teezie because I have good things coming your way.

I love my gym Exteme Muscle Fitness, it is located on Kenyatta Avenue, right above Huduma Centre and has the most amazing space ever. This is my new rooftop craze. It is so beautiful!

I am looking forward to a lot of shoots and a lot of productivity.I asked God for this and now it’s here and I will take it and make the best of it.I hope to see changes this time round and be more consistent. I am doing very minimal cardio and hitting the weights more.

The gym also has amazing training packages, you can check their facebook page: Xtreme Muscle Fitness


My biggest challenge is eating healthy. I won’t even lie to you. I have a sweet tooth. I love to eat but I am working on it. Can the universe be kind? Anyways, look forward to updates on how it is going.The gym has definitely brought more light. In case you may want to head over there, here are some amazing pictures to cure your curiosity:

See you tomorrow!

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