Sports & Style : She Wolf

I hope you are having an amazing weekend. I am spending the better part of it at Swim Africa. I recall telling you about Sports and Style. I finally found a way to make it happen. This section is just a collection of outfit ideas for the gym. If this is not your type of thing then you can always skip this part of the blog.
I am partly in a good mood today because I discovered this song Nomvula by Nathi. It is so calm and just makes me get spiritual although I do not know the lyrics.
My spirit is just lifted and I am so happy to share this outfit detail.
If you have been to my insta then you know I took this pictures earlier this week. My new gym Xtreme Muscle Fitness has this rooftop section that really awes me. I was breathless when I first saw it! I will be taking a lot of pictures this year and that will be my zone.
Onto this outfit combo:
I love the sweat top detail. My spirit animal is a She Wolf so it really fit my persona. Inside that is, I know on the outside I look a bit calm. It is my favorite thing to wear. If you are not into tank tops then such sweats are an option. It is so light and can double as a normal-day piece.
I have had the bottom pants for ages. They are soft on the inside and do not show any panty lines whatsoever. The shoes were gifted and are the most comfortable pair of trainers I have had in ages.
Sweat Top: KES 300
Bottoms: KES 300
Trainers: Gifted

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