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It’s Throwback time. This is where I take you back to the hustling days. Back before these success stories ever became big names in their various fields.

Because everybody starts from somewhere and before they make it big, it was just a dream and a laptop, probably no fare but unwavering ambition and desire to succeed. The people in this section of my blog did not let their background prevent them from going for their dreams. They did not let being broke be an excuse. They persisted and eventually made it.


We have all been a fan of the P square brothers at one point or another. They have sold record after record, released hit after hit, making us gyrate and swoon to Nigerian music. Before the brothers beefed up and separated, before the money, big cars and big houses, they, just like every other struggling artist had a fair share of struggle.

Here is their grass to grace story from a past interview they granted after their mum’s demise:

“We have our poverty story, however. Yes, in our own way, we experienced poverty. It was very bad. Our mother used to sell pap and our father was trying to set up his bakery. After school, we all would go to the bakery to see how we could help out. When you have six boys and two girls living in a one-room apartment, that should tell you how bad it was. The kids live in the living room, where there were two beds and my parents had their own room, where they stayed with our sisters. Paul and I are the last boys.

I remembered in a day I cannot spend up to N100, breakfast N30, lunch and supper get the same budget, the remaining N10 for pure water. To survive, I once worked as a supermarket attendant and Paul did some electrical repair for pay.

Coming to Lagos

Before we moved to Lagos after our graduation, we took our CD and DVD to our parents. The DVD contained our video. We told them we are done with schooling and we wanted to move to Lagos. We assured them that music will change our lives. In preparation for our relocation, we started selling little things that we had and also some of our father’s little stuffs.

We even stole some of his money,about N100,000 or so, though he wasn’t aware. We were four boys about to embark on that exodus.

Our father brought out N100, 000 and said, “Take, you people, you are on your own, don’t call me to send you bag of Garri or anything, not even anything.” We moved to Lagos in 2004.”

Source: www.nairaland.com


What is your excuse?

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