One week? One whole week? I just realised that I cannot live without blogging. It is official! I am a blogging addict! What?
Now that I have taken that out of the way, welcome to Natalie 2.0
Nairobi has been so good to me, for the first time I am deserving of ‘Taking Stock’ because I have earned it. I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store, I really hope they are good things. I really feel like this is my year but I am not going to be blinded by the fantasy so I’ll do what I have to do which is to take every chance I get and optimize my game. Without wasting time, here goes my first stock in 2018:

Making: Plans to step my game up. My only new years resolution is to give all I have got to every single project I get. I am however learning that you can work so hard on something, put in all the hours and still get negative feedback. 2018 has so far been a year of learning for me. I am focused on changing everything. Some habits have to go, my wardrobe has to change. This is a year of so many firsts. I feel it, I know it and I will take it as it comes.

Learning: Zulu. Surprise! If you have read my blog from way back then you know I was really interested in learning French but South Africa is callling. Maybe in two or three years but I am certain that a couple of years of my life will be spent in Mzansi. I already know so much about it, I am just waiting for that opportunity so in the meantime, learning a little Zulu won’t hurt.

Reading : Nothing really. I started reading ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho but I have stopped for no apparent reason. I realise that I am not perfect and reading is one of those areas that I am slow in. I however read a lot on the internet as opposed to actual books.

Wanting : To be able to afford Forbes Magazine on the regular. I love the internet too much but some hard copies of Forbes will be much appreciated. I want to make it a habit to get monthly issues of the magazine. For now, once in a while will not hurt though my life goal is to have many issues of Forbes on my book shelf alongside many other books.

Playing : Beyonce- 6 Inch and Tasha Cobbs Ft Nicki Minaj- Getting Ready. Nicki was so real in her verse. I can’t stop playing the track.No other way. My hustle mode is activated all week. I have also been watching so many Behind the Scenes Videos from Beyonce and I am more than convinced that she is the real-life superman. I want her work ethic. I really admire her dedication to her craft.

Creating: My own path and leaving a trail.What I have learnt about creating in the past one year is that it is not the easiest thing to do. I always thought I’d pick one thing and do it and that becomes my identity but to get that, I realised there is a lot of doubt, a lot of trial and error and I am getting comfortable with how uncertain the journey is.

Wishing : My premonition about Mzansi is true. I have realised that sometimes we speak things into existence and I hope this one is true.

Enjoying: Instagram a lot. I have realised that I cannot live without Instagram. Shame!

Liking : A lot of animal videos on Instagram, how cute? Especially those ones where they do intelligent things.

Being : Bonang. See what I did there? Bonang Matheba, by African standards, is rocketing. Obviously her life is not perfect but I hope to master consistency half as much as she has.

Realising: That I have to level up. In my work ethic, in the way I present myself, in my online presence, I just have to level up. In the work I do both online and offline, something has to change. It’s called progress. I am more than open to it.

Hoping : That the next months are full of productivity and more work and more money.

Needing : To revamp my wardrobe. Everything is going away this year. Literally.

Watching : A lot of videos on YouTube. Every chance I get. If you know me, I am such a big Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Orphan Black, House of Cards and Being Mary Jane fan and all those shows are in the final seasons or done already. I am more than heart broken but YouTube has my back.

Following : Will Smith on Instagram. He is my latest Insta sensation and I cannot get enough of his posts. Today’s post was top notch. I know nothing about American football but he was hilarious. You should watch that video today. I watched it about five times, laughing hysterically.

Noticing: That I have very few friends. Most of them are work friends. I barely have people in my circle who I can talk to about the deep things but that is also protective of my personal space I guess.

Discovering : Aver DuVernay and Joel Osteen. I decide to include this since I told you guys, every year, I get to ‘discover’ new people who are doing amazing things who I have never heard of before. I was passing by a common room somewhere and I saw two minutes of Joel Osteen on Tv and those few minutes blew my mind away. He preaches using real life situations that I can relate to and I am more than grateful to have come across his preachings. I watched Ava’s interview on not seeking permission to follow your dream and it really resonated with me. I am looking forward to watching more of her clips. If you can remember, when I discover a new person, I feed on anything about them on media (print or television) just to get to know them and it often takes a while. I am still in the process when it comes to Ava and Joel Osteen.

Feeling: Productive. I am serious about the work ethic. There is no other way this is going.

Bookmarking : So many posts on Instagram. We have that option now and I could not be more grateful. I get to bookmark a lot of posts that I can relate to, especially those that motivate me. I totally recommend it if you haven’t started doing it already.
That’s it for today, see you tomorrow!


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