Happy Tuesday!

I hope all the Monday blues are gone. In case you read my Taking Stock 010 post then you understand that I am on a mission to change everything this year, especially my work ethic. I am more than convinced that the only thing that separates the conquerors from the under-achievers is that they put in the work.
I just watched Caroline Mutoko’s Youtube video where she reviews the book I’m Too Pretty To Be Broke And Other Lies You Have Been Telling Yourself.She talks about having a crazy work ethic. Dying on the treadmill as Will Smith puts it. Any lady reading this by now should have known that beauty may get you through the door but it is the work ethic that makes you keep the job. No one want to hire a lazy liability.
Sometimes it is not the most talented, the most beautiful person in the room that makes it but the most hardworking.It is more or less about going to meetings on time, keeping your promise, sending the emails, getting the work done as promised, making the call: On Time! So many people dream big and talk big and want big things but they do not honor the work that is needed to make those things happen. Instead, they procrastinate and keep pushing until deadlines are near.
I have made a pact to work on that in 2018. I do not want to be the person rushing things last minute when they are due. It is probably simpler when said than done but sometimes it really is us people that stand in the way of our success.The average work ethic is full of last-minute poorly done work, procrastinations, no regard for time, false promises and bad attitude.
Are you getting things done? On time?
People out here are so hardworking. Look at Lilly Singh for instance. I will use her as my case study because she documents her life on her vlogs. The girl is on the go. Every single day. Writing scripts, filming videos, going for shoots, meetings et cetera. All in her vlog! She gets tired just like we all do, probably more but she gets the work done.
Then someone judgemental such as myself( back in 2014 )will look at her and say she doesn’t deserve it or she’s not even pretty, what a show off? Yet she works so hard. Until the bum mentality of poverty support groups gets out of our heads, we talk ill of people who seem to have it going so well even though we have the same dreams and the same 24 hours.
Akothee is such a hard working woman, how do I know that? I see her snaps. Zari is always up by 5.00AM. There are genuinely hardworking people out here although they don’t have the apps that let us know they are working. This should be your year of improving yourself, doing things on time and having the discipline to stay true to your calling. That is what I am on right now, working on that work ethic.I mean, Beyonce had her twins but she was still producing hits. Dj Khaled is on the go.Diddy is doing overtime. Diamond Platnumz is still releasing hits and running Wasafi. Vanessa Mdee’s Money Monday’s album is on a billboard in London. Adele Onyango has a clothing line coming up. Bonang is in Nigeria doing what she does, Nomzamo Mbatha is in New York working with Puma. You may not have a schedule as busy as the CEO’s but why not master your current schedule? I don’t think it gets any harder than that. I really hope you too are revamping your work ethic in 2018, one hour at a time. The only good things left are for those who work hard. The truth is, and you can take this to the bank literally, the harder you work the luckier you get.
The big things will happen as a result of you mastering a solid work ethic.
See you tomorrow!

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