It’s Friday! I just postponed a workout session that I will make up for tomorrow because I have too much on my plate.Not really. I am tired, exhausted even! Not that fitness is not a priority but I am human and some days I do not feel like working out and today is one of them.The other part of that story is that finding a rythm in terms of balancing my hustle and me time is challenging. Heck, my nails are not even done! I can’t remember the last time I had a free day that did not involve work. When your passion is your work, you find yourself doing things unconsciously, sometimes barely giving yourself time to breathe.
I am working on that. Because of this uncertain work-life balance I do not get to have a solid routine which is something I need if I have to keep this fitness journey going for a lifetime.

Now let’s veer off-topic a bit:
This could be vague but I want to point this out so that it is out there:
There are people who I am learning to put in the ‘not to be trusted’ box. People who are quick to point out that my body does not reflect someone who goes to the gym.
Newsflash: I know that. That is why I am going to the gym. I am trying to be a better version of myself and if my physique does not sit well with you, just avoid seeing me. Lol! I accepted myself so long ago, I am making baby steps trying to change what I can. When I need your opinion, and chances are, I will never need it because I have learned how to be self-sufficient, mind , body and soul, I will ask for it. For now, take your perfect body, go to shoots, write proposals like I do, get projects and crush them. Until you do that, you are just wasted potential. Good things come to the hard workers, clearly you are not one. People who have things to do have no time to hate on others. They keep building.
This topic is out and I will never discuss it again. I have mastered the art of silence but on this, I had to speak my mind. Why would I go to they gym if I had the perfect body? Some people are too idle.

Now that I have that out of the way, making a u-turn in your routine does not mean that you will be motivated every single day. Some days I push myself, on other days I just let loose.
It will take some time find rythm owing to an unbalanced schedule but for now, I keep trying.They say you have to do what you have to do, walk or crawl as long as you are moving.

See you tomorrow for an interesting feature of Sports & Style.It’s the month of love! I am more than glad to spread it.

Love and Light.

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