Happy New Week!

It is the week of love! There is so much hullabaloo around St Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day as we like to call it. Whatever your romantic situation is, spread some love this week. I will do it by sharing Valentine’s themed gymwear for you, because I love my readers. I may also call my parents and siblings just to let them know they are loved. I will also say a prayer for my future husband/ partner or lack thereof.

This week has started off a bit slow for me. If you watch my Instagram Stories you know that. After giving you a work ethic lecture last week, it is only fair that I live up to what I preach.I was half- writing, half- bored and unmotivated, absolutely going to skip today’s post then it hit me. Longevity!

The real reason we have strong personal brands like Bonang Matheba, Dj Zinhle, Avril Kenya, Caroline Mutoko or many stable businesses around is because of their consistency. Consistency breeds longevity. My focus will be in the creative industry and entrepreneurship.
Have you ever heard these conversations/questions;

“Do you still blog/sing/write/sell shoes/model/etc?”

Or this one right here;

Person 1:
“Where did Ann/ James/Peter /Thomas go?”

Person 2:
“Oh, the blogger/writer/singer/model/poet/etc?”

Do these conversations sound familiar?
As a creative or entrepreneur, when it gets to that point, you should really question your commitment to whatever you do. You cannot be that blogger who disappears for weeks and comes back with that,
“Hey guys! I am back!”
I know this because I have been there.

The reason we have artists like Beyonce still relevant to date is because they just keep going. She even performed on stage while pregnant. We are our own limits and consistency means that the timing is not right, nothing is in our favor but we push ourselves.If Beyonce says for instance, “I’m pregnant, I am doing nothing for the next nine months,” she would get away with it because she already has her audience but if an upcoming artist did the same it would be damaging to their career.
You know that song writer that only two songs? Or that actor that only did two movies? No one remembers them.The reason Will Smith is well known is because he did not just stop at being a rapper. He went on to act in numerous films. The reason Oprah is Oprah is because of consistency.

Consistency breeds longevity.

There is no other way around it.There is a big reason why we celebrate King Kaka but hardly remember Jimwatt or Shaffie & Slice. The reason is Consistency.Whatever you are doing, as long as you are passionate about it, think long-term.Nobody ever remembers the guy who quit. Legends keep it going, even on their bad days.
See you tomorrow!

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When I’m not blogging, I am either working at a medical research facility, stalking people on facebook and instagram, sleeping, eating, admiring pictures of Beyonce’ and Jay Z,reading a book or closing a business deal. Hi, my name is Natalie.I am here to inspire, to motivate, to give back and most importantly to live! Join the ride…you may just love it. Ngiyabonga!

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