Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are having a very productive week. My week started on a lazy note but I am slowly catching on. I was thinking about this the other day and I believe we all go through this or have said the words:

“I am starting over.”

Four strong words right there. Then this very encouraging quote comes in :

“Greatness is found on the verge of destruction.”

I remember watching a video where Jada Smith , Oprah and Will Smith were debating about the quote. Will Smith was of the opinion that at a point in life when we are breaking down, we are at our worst, at that very point, something happens on the inside and we become so great as a result of picking ourselves up.
This part has me thinking of Steve Jobs being fired from his own company at the age of 30. It must have been such a low point for him.
He said:

” During that period, I went into one of the most creative points of my life.”

Then NEXT, his company was born.
Oprah and Jada were however of the view:

“Do you have to be destructed all the time?”

This forms the bottomline for my argument. From a personal experience, many times in the past, I have had times where I was at my ‘lowest’ and kept ‘starting over’ every time. The thing about starting over is that, the path is never certain. We cannot conclude that we will never face that situation again. If in our mindset we are ‘starting over’ that would mean getting rid of every single memory that we have as a result of that bad experience: an impossiple task unless you have a sever case of amnesia.
There are people you wish you hadn’t met or things you wish you had not done. The whole ‘starting over’ does not guarantee that you will not meet someone else like them.

Evolution Breeds Caution

I am of the school of thought that if we evolved and did not ‘start over’, we would be better equipped at avoiding similar occurences in the future. If you are ‘starting over’ chances are, if you left your partner because of cheating, you may not recognize when your next relationship is taking the same route. If you evolve however, you pick the signals fast. You are already wiser because of your experiences and you have grown as a person. You have chosen to grow. Remember love is blind, even to those who are ‘starting over’.Do you have that one friend who keeps breaking up with the boyfriend but they are still together? She keeps ‘starting over’ but ends up in the same circle.
When you evolve, you do not go back to that which keeps hurting you. You change. Now, change is a scary word for someone who has gone through pain. The real reason people do not move forward is because they keep ‘starting over’ even though the conditions are still standard.Nothing in the mindset changes, so you deal with the same problems , just on a higher level and different town than the previous ones.
I am with Jada and Oprah on this one. Evolution means changing the mindset in a way that you do not have to be broken every single time. Get crushed but do not make it a habit to ‘start over’ every single time.
What are your thoughts on this?

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