Taking Stock 008


It has been a while and even though I say life happened sometimes just for the sake of it, life did happen and as someone who reads my blog, I owe you an explanation:

Somewhere in May, in the middle of a giveaway (all winners got their prizes even thought I did not announce some), I lost track of what I really wanted out of my blog.The fire that I started with seemed to flicker and flicker some more, so I took a break. During this break, I was taking care of the business side of my blog but also went through a depression. During that time, I was indoors, lost track of time and for some reason, understood why people commit suicide.Lucky for me, I only stopped going to the gym and watched a lot of series. Maybe it was just a lazy break but I am pretty sure it was depression. Continue reading “Taking Stock 008”

Creatives…Losing the Hum


I categorically have nothing to say as I type this. I just watched the most inspiring video from Shonda Rhimes, creator of ‘ Scandal’. Are you doing something you love? I totally am. My dream was to create something of my own and somewhere in between doing something I love and sharing it the world I lost the soft girl. I became this tough, no nonsense go getter who would do everything to make her dreams work. That type of resilience is good in the world of business but its longevity is debatable. Continue reading “Creatives…Losing the Hum”