Be Obsessed!


How is your week coming along? Well mine is amazing I suppose. I am detoxing with some ratchet TV. As much as I am an addict of ‘Scandal’ and other ‘educative’ TV shows, a little ratchetness never hurt anyone. I dig ‘Love and HipHop’ and my favorite character on LHHATL is Ariane. Who’s yours? Sometimes I forget that they are actual people and we prey upon watching their messy lives. Talk about being a woman. The men on ‘Love and HipHop’ though? They are on another level of cheating. 

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Personal Branding Lessons From Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba is a South African Media Personality I came across in early 2017. I have developed this habit of studying successful people , especially those whose presence online is felt and Bonang was no exception.I started tracing her journey from way back when people used to shoutout their facebook friends, before she became a big deal to now and having watched some of her interviews I have garnered some words of wisdom, from her and of course some of my own on growing and sustaining a strong personal brand.

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Focus Is Everything

Hi there,

How was your weekend? Well mine was great! I had the amazing chance to attend a Centonomy event.Despite the annoying Saturday rain, I made my way through the muddy corners of Nairobi and got to Westlands for the event. This is because I have been following Centonomy and watching their videos online.I got to know about them through Caroline Mutoko who is someone I adore, respect and admire.You will get to watch part of it on my YouTube channel this Wednesday. Continue reading “Focus Is Everything”

Life Lessons from Olivia Pope

Hi there,

How is everything coming along? Have you checked out my YouTube channel? I posted a video a few hours ago. Anyways, ‘Scandal’ my all-time favorite show on TV is coming to an end and I am so sad. I watched this series throughout my campus life. It was the center of my existence! Anytime I did not feel productive I always asked ‘What would Olivia Pope do?’ Some of my workout posts and motivation were a result of watching Olivia Pope. Continue reading “Life Lessons from Olivia Pope”

Creatives…Losing the Hum


I categorically have nothing to say as I type this. I just watched the most inspiring video from Shonda Rhimes, creator of ‘ Scandal’. Are you doing something you love? I totally am. My dream was to create something of my own and somewhere in between doing something I love and sharing it the world I lost the soft girl. I became this tough, no nonsense go getter who would do everything to make her dreams work. That type of resilience is good in the world of business but its longevity is debatable. Continue reading “Creatives…Losing the Hum”