Greatness is a Choice

I study successful people. When I was in high school in 2009, I wrote President Obama’s speech word for word at the dining hall while everybody else was watching. It was awkward. At that time, all I knew was that I wanted to be successful. It did not matter what the other kids thought. I did not know exactly what I wanted to do but it made sense to just draw inspiration from someone who had made it.

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Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone!

“No one ever excused his way to success.”-Dave Del Dotto

Good morning,

I am eating a banana as I type this.It’s such a dull day.I hope I get things done though.I have been thinking about lifting for some time now. I really want abs and it’s no secret but for a long time I have been scared to look masculine. I may have mentioned that the gym at school is full of men,a reason I often give as to why I haven’t hit the gym yet.This week however,I noticed that I have been getting too comfortable with outdoor workouts.I decided to take the plunge.

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The Value Of Consistency

‘Motivation gets you started, consistency keeps you going’-Anon



Photography: Mwandani_Pixel

I love the work ethic of cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i. Sometimes you do not need to announce but just deliver. I am impressed!

My team Chelsea has a big match tomorrow and I can’t wait for the win. I have been supporting Chelsea for about four years now, though I’m not so keen on football at large. I have been enjoying football recently courtesy of my partner and tomorrow at 3.30pm,I am so making some noise at the a joint. I am a certified noisemaker when I am passionate. Let me take this opportunity to register my crush on Jose Mourinho. No matter how many bottles he kicks,the special one is still special to me. I’ll leave it at that .Go Blues!

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Name Game!

“Without passion,all the skills in the world won’t lift you above craft.”-Twyla Tharp


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Good Morning!
It’s 7.50 AM as I write this. I am taking milk tea and buttered brown bread. I just had a full body workout and cardio session today which I welcomed with open arms since I took a sabbatical to visit my family over the weekend.You know how hard it is to convince an African mum that you are eating healthy. I however massacred a lot of fleshy chicken, my muscles are grateful !After today’s workout I realized that I have been meeting the same people every day on my way back to my place after morning workouts for the past two months. The most striking would be this slightly old Chinese man who comes to the field diligently, right around the same time that I leave. He is so consistent, it baffles me. I feel like saying hi sometimes…maybe I will.I do not want people to keep guessing where the name Malkia Teezie comes from so I dedicated this post to make you understand.

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Seven Reasons Why I Chose Fitness

‘Today’s new behavior is the beginning of tomorrow’s new habit.’ –Robin Sharma


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Have you heard someone say fitness is a lifestyle? Well…whoever that is didn’t lie. I am glad that my body has adjusted to being awake by 5.00 am. My fitness class runs for 30 minutes from 6.00 AM.I get to workout for an hour. I’m out of the field by 7.30AM which gives me ample time to plan my day depending on the to-do list. I love fitness and here’s why:

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Tummy Issues…

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ –Anon


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Hello, I am Natalie, a 22 year old Kenyan girl. Welcome to my personal health and fitness blog. I am a Biomedical Science student with a passion for writing and languages; I am really hoping I will have learnt at least one foreign language in my lifetime. I am going to share my journey into healthy living and getting physically fit. Most people would wait for results before throwing it back to their ‘unhealthy’ days. I however have all the confidence in the process. I want to document this so I can also look back and see the value of choices I made while still young.

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