The Role of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet in Weight Loss

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Once again,I just want to simplify this bit of science because it took me so long to figure it out myself. For the better part of my fitness journey, I was avoiding carbohydrates a lot.There was a time when I stopped eating ugali and rice for three weeks. I stopped to think, what the hell am I doing? I cannot do this all my life for sure. I lost a lot of weight during that time but I really missed a good meal. Continue reading “The Role of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet in Weight Loss”

5 Protein Sources That Are Helpful With Weight Loss

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Happy New Month!

Science week is back and I am so happy to share some valuable information. To begin with, an ideal weight loss journey should be characterized with a diet that is low in carbohydrates (carbs) and extremely low in fat as well.I will explain why in my next post. For today, proteins are an essential part of weight-loss because they are body building foods.They generate more muscle as opposed to fat and are therefore essential in fat loss.So, which proteins should you be taking?

Skinless Chicken Continue reading “5 Protein Sources That Are Helpful With Weight Loss”

Being Overweight…

This week was a science affair. We calculated body mass index (BMI) and learned the health risks of Obesity. My final piece for the week will be on being overweight .Based on my body mass index from Wednesday’s survey, I am overweight. I am on a fitness journey so I guess that will change.

What is being overweight and how does it differ from obesity?

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Yesterday we calculated body mass index (BMI) and classified ourselves as underweight, healthy, overweight and obese depending on the range. In case you missed out, you can find that here and calculate yours. I was surprisingly overweight myself and was a bit worried but I calmed down. I will tell you why when we tackle being overweight.

So, what is obesity?

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Are you the perfect weight for your height?

On a personal level, I stopped checking my weight because the fitness journey is not about losing weight anymore. I however know that it fluctuates somewhere between 56-58 kg since I was consistent in weighing myself during the first three months..My height is 1.5 meters.

How important is your body mass index?

This is a game of numbers that fluctuate. There are ideal weights for certain heights as you will see but science leaves room for error. You can use your body mass index to determine whether you are overweight, underweight or obese. This will help you assess your health and estimate the risks. Unhealthy weight, both overweight and underweight can be a predisposing factor to some diseases which we will look at in our next posts.

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The Fitness Dictionary

‘It’s never that serious’-90% of serious people


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I cannot hide my disappointment with Hillary’s loss. The women electorate let her down. Obama had 70 million female voters or so. A lot can happen after four years. Using this chance to make history was all Americans had to do and they failed big time! I will keep insults off my blog but at this point, I just want to spit venom for eight straight days. It’s done and I painfully accept defeat.

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