Sports & Style: Reebok Olive

Happy Saturday!

It’s a bit cloudy but I am determined to make this a good day, hope you are too. If you are new to my blog, well positivity and productivity live here! I recently started this series where I get to show you what to wear to the gym.

Details on mixing colours, choosing the right fit , fabrics and how to pair  different outfits.It is a bit young but it would mean so much to me if you found this useful.Do you?

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Sports & Style: The Little Black Jacket


Hope you are getting a few ideas on what to choose when it comes to fitness gear.For this second look, I lover the purple tank top because it was so loose.Loose is good.You do not want to be all tightened when it comes to the gym or any outdoor activity.Still from Fit & Fab world, this combination has ‘too much pink’ which is great for a pink lover. It is chic and the bottom is Continue reading “Sports & Style: The Little Black Jacket”

Mettā Nairobi: The Future Of Sports Tourism


I may have mentioned that I feel a whole load of productive today so, two articles in a row.I attended my second event yesterday and I am so glad I did because I left the room with a lot of lessons.Before the event, I did my research (online of course on what to expect) and I was so impressed by the concept. Located on Belgravia Building -14th Riverside Drive, Mettā Nairobi is a  club where entrepreneurs from different areas including, fashion, sports, healthcare etcetera meet to discuss issues that surround their industry.Being in the fitness industry, this sports forum was a perfect event for me to interact with other people in the industry and I must say I felt a little small in the Continue reading “Mettā Nairobi: The Future Of Sports Tourism”

My WEGO Experience: The Newest App in Town!

Hi there,

Hope your week is going great! Mine is amazing as well. If you follow me on Instagram and on my YouTube channel then you know that one month ago, I moved to Nairobi permanently to chase my dream. Even though I ask friends and regularly check online to see what events are taking place that are of interest to me, most of the time it is always too late. That was until I found this amazing App called WEGO . Continue reading “My WEGO Experience: The Newest App in Town!”

Nakuru’s Best Kept Secret:Merica Fitness Club (With Pictures)

Located in the heart of Nakuru town, Merica Hotel is the perfect stopover for a traveller, a local tourist or a student like myself. The hotel’s lobby is as inviting as is the class that other areas of this architectural masterpiece exhibit.

Not only do they provide corporate accommodation but are also the perfect location for dates and short getaways and have the best pizza in town!

Fitness freaks like myself are not left out of this marvellous spectacle. We are covered, right from the gym to the swimming pool to zhumba.

Check out this beautiful glare..

the poolside…

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Home and Travel Workout:Tube Resistance Bands From Fit n’ Fab World Store

Happy International Women’s Day,

As I promised, this week is all about fitness and I am so excited today because I finally get to share the newest addition to my workout equipment collection: Tube resistance bands.

I got the set from Fit & Fab World and I can assure you ,I cannot feel my legs. You can watch the video from my Facebook page here.So let’s get down to business.

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Fit n’ Fab World: Nairobi’s One-Stop Shop for Fitness Wear


So, over the weekend I came across @fitnfabworld‘s instagram handle and I was marveled by their collection! The mannequins have done such a good job at modeling the pieces, I just want to wear one every day of the week. If you work out regularly, you understand how important workout gear is. The best workout wear can give you such a Kendall Jenner attitude even on a bad day. There is real magic in wearing a sports bra that fits perfect and listening to music while on that morning jog at Karura forest. @fitnfabworld has got your back, I kid you not. They have stocked everything from tank tops, sports bras, jackets, sports shoes, armbands, yoga mats and a lot more! Continue reading “Fit n’ Fab World: Nairobi’s One-Stop Shop for Fitness Wear”