Sports & Style: Reebok Olive

Happy Saturday!

It’s a bit cloudy but I am determined to make this a good day, hope you are too. If you are new to my blog, well positivity and productivity live here! I recently started this series where I get to show you what to wear to the gym.

Details on mixing colours, choosing the right fit , fabrics and how to pair  different outfits.It is a bit young but it would mean so much to me if you found this useful.Do you?

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Sports & Style: The Little Black Jacket


Hope you are getting a few ideas on what to choose when it comes to fitness gear.For this second look, I lover the purple tank top because it was so loose.Loose is good.You do not want to be all tightened when it comes to the gym or any outdoor activity.Still from Fit & Fab world, this combination has ‘too much pink’ which is great for a pink lover. It is chic and the bottom is Continue reading “Sports & Style: The Little Black Jacket”