Taking Stock 009

Hey there!

I know it’s Fitness Friday but I just realised the month is ending and I haven’t taken stock. I have to since next Friday will be two days into the final month of the year! So, here is where we are so far:

Making: Silent moves. I am trying to be as discrete as I can just so I do not jinx my destiny. It is much easier that way.I realised that blogging is not good for people with loud mouths because some projects require you to be sworn to secrecy. Continue reading “Taking Stock 009”

Taking Stock 008


It has been a while and even though I say life happened sometimes just for the sake of it, life did happen and as someone who reads my blog, I owe you an explanation:

Somewhere in May, in the middle of a giveaway (all winners got their prizes even thought I did not announce some), I lost track of what I really wanted out of my blog.The fire that I started with seemed to flicker and flicker some more, so I took a break. During this break, I was taking care of the business side of my blog but also went through a depression. During that time, I was indoors, lost track of time and for some reason, understood why people commit suicide.Lucky for me, I only stopped going to the gym and watched a lot of series. Maybe it was just a lazy break but I am pretty sure it was depression. Continue reading “Taking Stock 008”

Taking Stock 006


Been a while, thank you for stopping by.I do not have a lot to say other than stock so let’s dive in.

Making: No promises lately. I never expected entrepreneurship to be easy but I did not expect it to be too hard either. I’m in between a rock and a hard place. Clients cancelling, people who promise the world and deliver a piece or don’t deliver at all. Self-doubt is really starting to trickle in.I know I am not a quitter but anyone on a journey knows that it’s hard to maintain course when the biggest player in the team-you-is nearly crawling. At the moment, I can only hold onto hope and keep bootstrapping. It is a coincidence that chapter seven of Rich Dad Poor Dad is Obstacles. I will summarize it tomorrow and maybe pick up some hope.My gym life has never been better though. Save for uncertainty in entrepreneurship, life is okay. Continue reading “Taking Stock 006”

Taking Stock OO3

Heey…happy New Year!

I am so glad we made it to 2017.It is all by the grace of God. I was going to wait till February to launch my blog but my gut thought otherwise so I’m here. Clearly, I am happy about my new domain (.com),I am officially an adult in blogging (I will graduate when I have a logo).You know, baby steps.Before I take stock, let me bring you up to speed:

I am finally hitting the gym!

You know how much I wanted to go lift some weights from here .I am so excited. I am back to the 5.00AM club and I am so looking forward to building muscle. I am newly single so I got my eyes on the cute guys (lol!).I actually spotted one already but for now, a girl gotta be serious. I will keep you up to date on my romantic escapades. I’m still the focused role model but we too need to have fun. Another lol!

Continue reading “Taking Stock OO3”