Abs Workout : The Side Plank


I may have mentioned that this week is all about fitness,hence no book club or lifestyle, my apologies to my avid readers.

So, the side plank.

If feel like this is a very underestimated abs workout. On a personal level, it has really helped steady my balance. I once heard that to check if one had a problem with an ear, you make them stand on one leg and check their balance.The same applies to alcohol ( obviously) but that is not what the side plank is all about. Continue reading “Abs Workout : The Side Plank”

Tummy Exercise; The Bicycle Crunch

I love anything that works my tummy. I may have mentioned about those deep tummy issues I have had that led me to starting  my fitness journey. I spent time researching on perfect tummy workouts and there are numerous believe me. This one really stands out. I like to do it while listening to Muziki by Ben Pol. The songs beats rhyme with the moves I must confess. You can try it at home today.

I wish I could just post the pics and be gone. Anyway, ensure that your elbow and knees are near each other maximum effect. Continue reading “Tummy Exercise; The Bicycle Crunch”