Goodbye Love Handles: Introducing the Wood Chopper

My greatest insecurity has always been my love handles. When I took up fitness regularly, the first thing I did was to look for effective exercise that would get rid of my love handles. I landed the wood chopper and Russian twists, both of which are very effective in working the core. Remember the core? I tried both of them and I must say that the wood chopper is very effective, based on the intensity of the burn.

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The Push- Up Tutorial

Hey there,

Hope your Thursday is awesome. I am so excited to do workout posts this week. I hope you get to use some of the tutorials and maybe fall in love with doing them continuously. Let us all agree that the normal push up is hard and the first time I tried to do it, I could not lift myself off the floor. Turns out somebody figured that out and came up with this one that I took time to learn as I graduate slowly to the normal one. Continue reading “The Push- Up Tutorial”

Stretch before Workout

It is important to stretch before or after a workout session. Morning people like me are most commonly advised to stretch because muscles are often intact during sleep.That is the reason why the first thing we do when we wake up is to yawn and stretch and probably why your tummy looks smaller in the morning. There is a time I used to measure my waistline early and be so glad that it was small until I watched it bulge during the day.

I no longer measure the waistline but here’s why you should consider stretching, especially during morning workout:

  • To reduce your chances of being injured during workout.

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Swimming tutorial: Learn the Breaststroke


How is the week coming along? January should just end already. What a slow month! Remember when we tried the free style here? Well, it’s about time we learn the breaststroke, my favorite way of swimming. It is sort of the mediator between the freestyle and the butterfly. Not only does it allow you to breathe easy but also exercise the whole body to exhaustion, good for weight loss.

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Swimming tips for Beginners

‘You gotta get up and try’-P!NK


I may have mentioned my insecurity at the pool here. Come to think of it, I do not even know why I was scared in the first place. I feel kind of stupid now .Nobody cares really.Even when you are slim with a big belly,you get a pass.Anyway,I wanted to swim for a long time but I couldn’t.I thought of the pool as this place where ‘specific’ people go. I was wrong. Those were just silly thoughts that I had confined myself to.

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Class is in Session!

“The by-product of passion is wealth.”-Anon


Photography:Moxecutive Media

Wow..It’s been a while.I have no solid defense except Life Happened!It’s been ages since my last post.I can’t promise it won’t happen again but thank you for showing up when I wasn’t around.I had a pretty long cheat weekend.Guilty as charged.Also,no exercise for five days straight.I think tomorrow will be rough.No.The whole week will be thorough to make up for my inability to control my urges.I must be a pretty bad fitness role model at the moment.Just like any journey though,there are highs and lows.

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Meet the Fitness Queendom

“Strive to be a leader, not a boss”-Me


Photography: Moxecutive Media


How has your weekend been? Mine has been mind blowing and was spent with beautiful people and adventure. I am realizing that I am one of those people who do not hate Mondays at all, even on the days that I was employed; I always looked forward to a new week. You know, setting new goals, planning new things and all that.I’m a Monday baby.The fact that I get to start my week coaching fitness enthusiasts just gives me the energy to start the week on a productive note.

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