Abs Workout: The Plank

“Practice makes perfect”-Anon


Photography: Moxecutive Media

Good Morning…

I am really smiling so hard right now, perhaps because it hasn’t been sunny for a few days and I really love sunny mornings .I kid you not. Sunny mornings make me so ambitious. I am almost always determined to make the day count. Have you ever had an awkward moment where you met someone and after the greetings just wondered what in the world should we talk about?I just had that a few minutes ago.Phew! Anyway,I was quite upset when Ghafla !  decided that Sharon Mundia’s marriage won’t last. I mean, Cabugah,I know you want traffic but ,boy bye! In case you are wondering who Sharon Mundia is, she is my favorite fashion blogger, probably everyone’s favorite, behind thisisess.com

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My Workout Routine

‘We are what we repeatedly do; excellence therefore is a habit and not an act.’ –Anon


Photography: Moxecutive Media

I am listening to Zigo remix right now…this song hasn’t grown old on me. It really validates my inner ratchet,if you know what I mean.When I first started working out I went hard on myself. I started small but put it in my head that I would do 200 sit ups and another 200 leg raises. I wanted results fast. After each workout, I would go to any of my siblings, lift my shirt up and ask, “zimeenda?” referring to my love handles.

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