Stretch before Workout

It is important to stretch before or after a workout session. Morning people like me are most commonly advised to stretch because muscles are often intact during sleep.That is the reason why the first thing we do when we wake up is to yawn and stretch and probably why your tummy looks smaller in the morning. There is a time I used to measure my waistline early and be so glad that it was small until I watched it bulge during the day.

I no longer measure the waistline but here’s why you should consider stretching, especially during morning workout:

  • To reduce your chances of being injured during workout.

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Truly, Madly, Deeply Single


How’s Valentines coming along? Mine is okay I guess. After the gym I had breakfast out and watched How to be Single for the 10th time which is why I have decided to write about this topic. To be honest, I don’t talk about relationships much because that’s one area of my life that I have completely shut down until I’m done working on myself.

At the end of How to be Single, Dakota Johnson‘s monologue is pretty deep. I will summarize it below:

I have been thinking that the time we have to be single is really the time we have to get good at being alone, but, how good at being alone do we really want to be? Isn’t there a danger that you will get so good at being single,so set in your ways that you will miss out on the chance to be with someone great?Some people take baby steps to settle down; some people refuse to settle at all. Sometimes it’s not statistics, it’s just chemistry and sometimes just because it is over doesn’t mean the love ends.

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Chapter One: The Rich Don’t Work For Money

Robert and his friend Mike attended the same school as rich kids even though they were poor. They faced segregation because of their state when Jimmy, whose parents seemed to be doing well, did not invite them to the beach house. This prompted them to begin their first business, money laundering, in an attempt to be rich. When his dad, a school teacher, caught them in the act of smoldering toothpaste tubes that were made of lead to produce nickels, he laughed so hard and mentioned Mike’s dad as someone who could teach them how to make money. This surprised Mike, since he did not see his dad as rich, true to Robert’s dad’s sentiments, the banker whom he shared with Mike’s dad had nothing but praises for his financial literacy despite not being as formally educated as the school teacher.

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TEEZIE 5: My Current Playlist

I am a lover of good music. There’s this thing that happens where I listen to one song till my mind gets tired of it. It just catches on and I’m constantly repeating it and I cannot help myself. I cannot also go to the gym without my headphones; it will be such a long workout. During my cardio days (I love how this sounds like it is some sort of throw back), I could not run without listening to something so here are the songs I have been listening to this week:

  • Unstoppable, Sia

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Maintaining Healthy Weight (Let’s talk numbers)

This was meant to be a science article where I bombard you will all the knowledge I have accumulated on healthy living, what foods to eat and not to but I chose to make it lifestyle instead. My aim today is to simplify the mathematics behind weight loss so shall we? I am assuming you have calculated your body mass index and determined whether you are overweight, underweight or obese.

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RICH DAD POOR DAD: The Introduction by Sharon Lechter

Sharon narrates her life at the very beginning of this best seller. She was raised by parents who provided the best formal education. She graduated with honors; got a good job, a good family and settled. She sorted to raising her son the same way her parents did her. However, the world had changed; graduates were not earning the same anymore. Her husband, a patent lawyer was also raised the same way. When she met Robert Kiyosaki through him, he explained to her the rat race in which she was sending her son into, in a world where formal education was slowly losing value as the only method of lifetime acquisition of wealth.

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