The Value Of Consistency

‘Motivation gets you started, consistency keeps you going’-Anon



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I love the work ethic of cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i. Sometimes you do not need to announce but just deliver. I am impressed!

My team Chelsea has a big match tomorrow and I can’t wait for the win. I have been supporting Chelsea for about four years now, though I’m not so keen on football at large. I have been enjoying football recently courtesy of my partner and tomorrow at 3.30pm,I am so making some noise at the a joint. I am a certified noisemaker when I am passionate. Let me take this opportunity to register my crush on Jose Mourinho. No matter how many bottles he kicks,the special one is still special to me. I’ll leave it at that .Go Blues!

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Class is in Session!

“The by-product of passion is wealth.”-Anon


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Wow..It’s been a while.I have no solid defense except Life Happened!It’s been ages since my last post.I can’t promise it won’t happen again but thank you for showing up when I wasn’t around.I had a pretty long cheat weekend.Guilty as charged.Also,no exercise for five days straight.I think tomorrow will be rough.No.The whole week will be thorough to make up for my inability to control my urges.I must be a pretty bad fitness role model at the moment.Just like any journey though,there are highs and lows.

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Meet the Fitness Queendom

“Strive to be a leader, not a boss”-Me


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How has your weekend been? Mine has been mind blowing and was spent with beautiful people and adventure. I am realizing that I am one of those people who do not hate Mondays at all, even on the days that I was employed; I always looked forward to a new week. You know, setting new goals, planning new things and all that.I’m a Monday baby.The fact that I get to start my week coaching fitness enthusiasts just gives me the energy to start the week on a productive note.

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Abs Workout: The Plank

“Practice makes perfect”-Anon


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Good Morning…

I am really smiling so hard right now, perhaps because it hasn’t been sunny for a few days and I really love sunny mornings .I kid you not. Sunny mornings make me so ambitious. I am almost always determined to make the day count. Have you ever had an awkward moment where you met someone and after the greetings just wondered what in the world should we talk about?I just had that a few minutes ago.Phew! Anyway,I was quite upset when Ghafla !  decided that Sharon Mundia’s marriage won’t last. I mean, Cabugah,I know you want traffic but ,boy bye! In case you are wondering who Sharon Mundia is, she is my favorite fashion blogger, probably everyone’s favorite, behind

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My Workout Routine

‘We are what we repeatedly do; excellence therefore is a habit and not an act.’ –Anon


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I am listening to Zigo remix right now…this song hasn’t grown old on me. It really validates my inner ratchet,if you know what I mean.When I first started working out I went hard on myself. I started small but put it in my head that I would do 200 sit ups and another 200 leg raises. I wanted results fast. After each workout, I would go to any of my siblings, lift my shirt up and ask, “zimeenda?” referring to my love handles.

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The Fitness Dictionary

‘It’s never that serious’-90% of serious people


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I cannot hide my disappointment with Hillary’s loss. The women electorate let her down. Obama had 70 million female voters or so. A lot can happen after four years. Using this chance to make history was all Americans had to do and they failed big time! I will keep insults off my blog but at this point, I just want to spit venom for eight straight days. It’s done and I painfully accept defeat.

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Name Game!

“Without passion,all the skills in the world won’t lift you above craft.”-Twyla Tharp


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Good Morning!
It’s 7.50 AM as I write this. I am taking milk tea and buttered brown bread. I just had a full body workout and cardio session today which I welcomed with open arms since I took a sabbatical to visit my family over the weekend.You know how hard it is to convince an African mum that you are eating healthy. I however massacred a lot of fleshy chicken, my muscles are grateful !After today’s workout I realized that I have been meeting the same people every day on my way back to my place after morning workouts for the past two months. The most striking would be this slightly old Chinese man who comes to the field diligently, right around the same time that I leave. He is so consistent, it baffles me. I feel like saying hi sometimes…maybe I will.I do not want people to keep guessing where the name Malkia Teezie comes from so I dedicated this post to make you understand.

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