Fitness Tips for the Holidays

Happy New Month!

It’s December already!! How fast time flies? December is that time, you know;celebration, family, food etcetera. It is really a bad time of you are over twenty five and single, unemployed or unmarried; the lies you have to tell. Can I suggest a tip? Divide and rule my friend.Don’t be with more than two relatives at one time.Unless it is completely neccessary.Good luck! Let’s talk about the food though. Continue reading “Fitness Tips for the Holidays”

Getting Back To Fitness After A Long Break? Read This…

Hello, how was your week? I had a great one.Strong.If you can remember, I mentioned in October that I fell off the fitness bandwagon for a while due to a mental breakdown. I don’t know if you are like me but when I’m going through something I switch off completely, well, that was before I had bills to pay. If you follow me on instagram then you have probably noticed that I do not post workout videos, that is because I am still looking for a gym I can work with.If you watch my Continue reading “Getting Back To Fitness After A Long Break? Read This…”