Fitness Friday: Finally, the Gym!

Hi there,

How has your week been? I had the greatest challenge this week. Learning how to balance everything I do. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am posting daily and get to rest on Sundays amongst many other things. I have made it a habit to check Bonang’s Instagram to remind me that what I want is not going to come easy,so on days like today when I feel overwhelmed, it is only right that I remind myself where I hope to be in the next five years. Continue reading “Fitness Friday: Finally, the Gym!”

Nakuru’s Best Kept Secret:Merica Fitness Club (With Pictures)

Located in the heart of Nakuru town, Merica Hotel is the perfect stopover for a traveller, a local tourist or a student like myself. The hotel’s lobby is as inviting as is the class that other areas of this architectural masterpiece exhibit.

Not only do they provide corporate accommodation but are also the perfect location for dates and short getaways and have the best pizza in town!

Fitness freaks like myself are not left out of this marvellous spectacle. We are covered, right from the gym to the swimming pool to zhumba.

Check out this beautiful glare..

the poolside…

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Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone!

“No one ever excused his way to success.”-Dave Del Dotto

Good morning,

I am eating a banana as I type this.It’s such a dull day.I hope I get things done though.I have been thinking about lifting for some time now. I really want abs and it’s no secret but for a long time I have been scared to look masculine. I may have mentioned that the gym at school is full of men,a reason I often give as to why I haven’t hit the gym yet.This week however,I noticed that I have been getting too comfortable with outdoor workouts.I decided to take the plunge.

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The Value Of Consistency

‘Motivation gets you started, consistency keeps you going’-Anon



Photography: Mwandani_Pixel

I love the work ethic of cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i. Sometimes you do not need to announce but just deliver. I am impressed!

My team Chelsea has a big match tomorrow and I can’t wait for the win. I have been supporting Chelsea for about four years now, though I’m not so keen on football at large. I have been enjoying football recently courtesy of my partner and tomorrow at 3.30pm,I am so making some noise at the a joint. I am a certified noisemaker when I am passionate. Let me take this opportunity to register my crush on Jose Mourinho. No matter how many bottles he kicks,the special one is still special to me. I’ll leave it at that .Go Blues!

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Class is in Session!

“The by-product of passion is wealth.”-Anon


Photography:Moxecutive Media

Wow..It’s been a while.I have no solid defense except Life Happened!It’s been ages since my last post.I can’t promise it won’t happen again but thank you for showing up when I wasn’t around.I had a pretty long cheat weekend.Guilty as charged.Also,no exercise for five days straight.I think tomorrow will be rough.No.The whole week will be thorough to make up for my inability to control my urges.I must be a pretty bad fitness role model at the moment.Just like any journey though,there are highs and lows.

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