Getting Back To Fitness After A Long Break? Read This…

Hello, how was your week? I had a great one.Strong.If you can remember, I mentioned in October that I fell off the fitness bandwagon for a while due to a mental breakdown. I don’t know if you are like me but when I’m going through something I switch off completely, well, that was before I had bills to pay. If you follow me on instagram then you have probably noticed that I do not post workout videos, that is because I am still looking for a gym I can work with.If you watch my Continue reading “Getting Back To Fitness After A Long Break? Read This…”

Life Lessons from Olivia Pope

Hi there,

How is everything coming along? Have you checked out my YouTube channel? I posted a video a few hours ago. Anyways, ‘Scandal’ my all-time favorite show on TV is coming to an end and I am so sad. I watched this series throughout my campus life. It was the center of my existence! Anytime I did not feel productive I always asked ‘What would Olivia Pope do?’ Some of my workout posts and motivation were a result of watching Olivia Pope. Continue reading “Life Lessons from Olivia Pope”

Chapter 9: More To Do’s

I vividly recall when I made the decision to move towns. My business strategy was not working as I anticipated so I had to take the leap: either do the same thing with the same results or think different. The past one month has been full of its ups and downs and I have been second guessing myself a lot until a few minutes ago when I started reading this chapter so I could summarize it. I feel so vindicated because everything Robert Kiyosaki discusses in this short chapter, I have experienced or considered as a bargaining tool for moving towns. My struggle has been validated and I feel so rejuvenated. I thought I was doing it wrong but no, it is what happens when you chose to be a CEO the founder way as opposed to the employment way. Continue reading “Chapter 9: More To Do’s”

Fit Girls on Instagram (With Pictures)- @kikishay_w

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I promised a new segment and it is here!!

I need you to know fitness enthusiasts you should follow on instagram so I’ll be sharing some of their handles and if you like their profile you can of course dig further.

I stumbled on @kikishay_w’s profile.There is nothing as interesting as people who combine yoga and workouts and she does it all!! Continue reading “Fit Girls on Instagram (With Pictures)- @kikishay_w”