Hustle Wednesday: Meet Nigeria’s Media Heartthrob, Toke Makinwa


It’s Wednesday again! On Wednesdays, we profile the hustlers and upload a YouTube video. This weeks video is a tribute to all the hardworking women in showbiz that have put Africa on the map.Though short, it came from my heart, something I want all my content to be about so head over to YouTube and show it some love.Your support is much appreciated. Continue reading “Hustle Wednesday: Meet Nigeria’s Media Heartthrob, Toke Makinwa”

Be Obsessed!


How is your week coming along? Well mine is amazing I suppose. I am detoxing with some ratchet TV. As much as I am an addict of ‘Scandal’ and other ‘educative’ TV shows, a little ratchetness never hurt anyone. I dig ‘Love and HipHop’ and my favorite character on LHHATL is Ariane. Who’s yours? Sometimes I forget that they are actual people and we prey upon watching their messy lives. Talk about being a woman. The men on ‘Love and HipHop’ though? They are on another level of cheating. 

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