Hustle Wednesday: Meet Nigeria’s Media Heartthrob, Toke Makinwa


It’s Wednesday again! On Wednesdays, we profile the hustlers and upload a YouTube video. This weeks video is a tribute to all the hardworking women in showbiz that have put Africa on the map.Though short, it came from my heart, something I want all my content to be about so head over to YouTube and show it some love.Your support is much appreciated. Continue reading “Hustle Wednesday: Meet Nigeria’s Media Heartthrob, Toke Makinwa”

Moyocoyotzin:She Who Creates Herself

Hello, how was your weekend? Hope you really had a good one. I want to talk about great women today. I wrote this article yesterday but Sharon Mundia deserves a mention. She is back people, I haven’t committed to reading anything for as long as I have her blog! I am really fangirling right now! Anyways,women who have made an impact, left their mark; that went the extra mile and made a name for themselves.Thanks to the world being a little village because of social media, we get to witness them conquer the world, step by step, very ferociously. Women I have looked up to for a very long time.These women are great entrepreneurs, very influential in their lines of work and have curved a path for themselves, leading the young ones on.

I came across the concept of ‘Moyocoyotzin’ a few days ago when watching ‘Queen of the South’ and it made perfect sense. As women, we go through a lot emotionally and  physically.We pass through circumstances that make us strong and in the process, learn better. My focus today is on the ‘New Kids on the Block’ who are shining right now but have been at it for years. I hope this article inspires you to get started or just pursue greatness with all your might: Continue reading “Moyocoyotzin:She Who Creates Herself”

Taking Stock 008


It has been a while and even though I say life happened sometimes just for the sake of it, life did happen and as someone who reads my blog, I owe you an explanation:

Somewhere in May, in the middle of a giveaway (all winners got their prizes even thought I did not announce some), I lost track of what I really wanted out of my blog.The fire that I started with seemed to flicker and flicker some more, so I took a break. During this break, I was taking care of the business side of my blog but also went through a depression. During that time, I was indoors, lost track of time and for some reason, understood why people commit suicide.Lucky for me, I only stopped going to the gym and watched a lot of series. Maybe it was just a lazy break but I am pretty sure it was depression. Continue reading “Taking Stock 008”